Top 5 Latest Trends In Teeth

You’re so over closed-mouth selfies and finally ready for that perfect smile. But what does “perfect” even mean these days? When veneers first became popular, cookie-cutter, white-tile teeth were the telltale sign that a celebrity got their smile redone. The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry focus on enhancing your smile while maintaining a natural look.   What is cosmetic ...

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Does The Dentist Make You Anxious? Try The Dental Zen Experience

Maybe you’ve been afraid of the dentist since you were a little kid. Or maybe you had a bad experience one time and now you’re reluctant to go in even when you’ve got a toothache. Or maybe all you want is prettier teeth, but your dental anxiety is keeping you from doing something to feel better about your appearance. You’re exactly who Dr. Gill had in mind when she decided to create a ...

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