Do You Have Symptoms Of A TMJ Disorder? [quiz]

Man Having a Toothache | Chewing Pain Treatment & Solution | Louisville, KY | Natural Smiles

Headaches and earaches and jaw pains, oh my!

If you are suffering from one or more of these issues, you don’t need to follow any roads paved with yellow bricks. If you live in or near Louisville, KY, you should contact our dentist, Dr. Kiran Gill at Natural Smiles.

Our TMJ treatment could help alleviate your headaches and other pains. Teeth grinding is a major contributor to TMJ disorders, which can cause a variety of symptoms.

To find out if you should talk to us, take a couple minutes to answer our questions below. Then, if you are ready to end your pain, call 502-287-1645 or contact us online to request an appointment.